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About the National Nursing Workforce Clearinghouse

The National Nursing Workforce Clearinghouse is an interactive electronic resource available to health system leaders, nursing educators and policy makers concerned with nursing workforce issues. The Clearinghouse is an effort to link educators, practitioners, administrators and policy makers together, enabling them to access and exchange information that will help to make positive changes in nursing. The Clearinghouse is guided by a National Advisory Board who provide direction to the project, including site structure, content, management and continuous improvement.

The most important participants in the website are our users. Registering with this website not only provides users with monthly updates through our electronic newsletter, but more importantly registering enables users to submit information to the Clearinghouse for distribution to nursing leaders across the U.S. Never fear - we won't sell your name or other private information. However, we may contact you for more detail about information you submit to the site.

We welcome your submissions!!

Editorial staff may be contacted by email below, or at 415-502-4291.

The Clearinghouse is grateful for initial funding from the California HealthCare Foundation and UCSF Center for the Health Professions.

Some items posted on this website are associated with private or commercial entities. These items are provided for users' information only. Views expressed by organizations associated with items on the Clearinghouse do not necessarily reflect those of the Clearinghouse, its partners or funders.

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