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Connecticut joins states banning mandatory overtime
5/25/2004 by from SEIU Nurse Alliance
-Contains information about CT's May 2004 mandatory overtime law, and information about laws in other states.
Sigma Theta Tau launches interactive portal
5/7/2004 by Sigma Theta Tau
-The mission of Nursing Knowledge International is to help nurses help others. This is accomplished by providing products and services that serve the global community of nurses in its pursuit of health care knowledge, career advancement, research and continued development of the nursing profession. Nursing Knowledge International assists the nursing profession to improve the health and education of patients and the communities in which nurses practice, lead, teach and conduct research.
Nurse Reinvestment Act: Implications for the nursing profession, a discussion with Denise Geolot
3/30/2004 by Glazer, G., Doheny, M., Geolot, D.
-Denise Geolot, PhD, RN, FAAN, Director of HRSA, Division of Nursing discusses the Nurse Reinvestment Act to help nurses understand the provisions of the Act and the various funding opportunities available to working nurses, aspiring nurses or nurse educators. She explains what steps nurses can take to ensure continued funds for the programs provided.
California nurses file lawsuit based on staffing ratio concerns
3/19/2004 by Jason B. Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle
-Nurses of the Sutter Delta hospital system, represented by the California Nurses Association, have filed a lawsuit against the hospital system citing concerns about the use of Licensed Practical Nurses (LVN) to fill staffing ratios. This lawsuit is one of the first, in what is likely to be a string of court actions that will define the law and its implementation. California was the first state in the U.S. to pass a mandatory nurse staffing ratios law.
It's the Practice Model, Stupid
3/1/2004 by Edward O'Neil, UCSF Center for the Health Professions
-One in a series of commentary pieces by the UCSF Center for the Health Professions' Director, Edward O'Neil, related to re-thinking health professions practice models, including the nursing practice model.
Taking the Long View: Grassroots Nursing Workforce Initiatives
2/17/2004 by Florida Center for Nursing
-Orlando, FL - This is the second meeting of colleagues continuing the workforce initiatives championed by a cooperative of states and regions, funded through the Colleagues in Caring Project, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Driven by a belief that approaches to the nursing shortage require partnerships and sharing of collective intelligences, this conference will present regional initatives focused around state nursing workforce centers, strategic workforce planning, nursing education, nursing care delivery redesign, and retention.
Shortage of resources hinders increase in nursing student admittance
12/30/2003 by Robert Rosseter, AACN
-Despite increases in enrollment nationally, AACN reported that the number of students who could have been admitted to US nursing programs was decreased due to a lack of resources, including shortage of faculty.
California Nurse-to-Patient Ratios Effective January 1, 2004
1/5/2004 by California DHS
-Several pages of information related to the mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios which went into effect on January 1, 2004. Already, concern about finding sufficient numbers of staff to fill the positions required by the law, and some vague language in the regulations has resulted in legal action by some health care organizations.
Nursing Shortage Forces Hospitals to Cope Creatively
1/6/2004 by Laurie Tarkan, New York Times, Health: 1/6/04
-This article discusses some of the measures hospitals are taking to combat the shortage of nurses. From robots to concierge services, hospitals are working creatively to retain their existing nursing staff and to use nurses' time more effectively. Nursing vacancies, which stand at 13% nationally, are expected to rise to 20% by 2015.
California Nurses Association reports on first month of mandatory ratios
2/9/2004 by California Nurses Association press release
-The California Nurses Association surveyed 111 nursing ratio monitors across California to assess the impact of the first month of implementation of California's nursing ratio law. The organization plans to continue interviewing staff on a regular basis to track impact of the law.
Long Beach CA partnership for nursing education
1/28/2004 by Long Beach Press Telegram
-California State University-Long Beach and Long Beach Memorial Medical Center/Miller Children's Hospital entered a five-year, $15 million partnership to allow the college's nursing students to be taught at the hospital. The partnership will allow CSULB to double its number of nursing students and produce an additional 300 nursing graduates in the next five years. Description of the program also available at: http://www.csulb.edu/divisions/urad/papubs/index.html
Safe Staffing Bill Introduced in Senate
8/1/2003 by Chris Donnellan, AJN
-The Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 2003, S 991, was introduced by Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI) on May 5. This legislation, supported by ANA, would require nursing input on staff structuring, emphasizing institution-specific conditions that ensure safety.
Overwhelming interest in magnet conference
8/8/2003 by NNWC Editorial Staff
-Interest in magnet hospital status is certainly growing, so much that the 7th annual conference of the ANCC/IREC closed registrations on July 17, 2003.
Joint Commission Announces 2004 National Patient Safety Goals
8/4/2003 by JCAHO Press Release
-Many of the new JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals are directly associated with the work of hospital nurses. This JCAHO press release outlines the goals.
A Looming Crisis in Care
8/4/2003 by AHA News, May 19, 2003
-Article for AHA News, May 19, 2003 describes latest data from DHHS, HRSA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics about the RN workforce in the U.S.
State Workforce Initiatives of State Hospital Associations
8/4/2003 by supplement to AHA News, May 19, 2003
-This collection of state workforce initiatives includes many programs associated particularly with nursing workforce. These initiatives demonstrate both the common themes and area-specific approaches being used to tackle workforce development concerns.