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Pacific Northwest Nursing Leadership Institute
4/7/2004 by PNNLI Advisory Committee
-A presentation to AONE describing the Pacific Northwest Nursing Leadership Institute, a consortium of service and education organizations that supports the development and preparation of nursing leaders. Forty-seven nurses participated in the first cohort. Today, a third cohort has begun and a program for experienced managers will be launched in the fall. The link below opens a PowerPoint presentation.
South Dakota Center for Nursing
4/23/2004 by
-The Center provides reports and information about critical nursing workforce issues in South Dakota.
Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce
4/22/2004 by MONW
-In 1996, through the efforts of the Nursing Organization Liaison Committee (NOLC), a committee of the Mississippi Nurses Association (MNA), the MS Legislature passed the Nursing Workforce Redevelopment Act. The Act authorized the MS Board of Nursing (MBON) to establish an entity to address changes impacting the nursing workforce. Through combined funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the MS Legislature, the Office of Nursing Workforce (ONW) was established. Data available from the Office include hospital staffing and outlook for nursing.
Iowa Center for Health Workforce Planning
4/22/2004 by Iowa Bureau of Health Care Access
-The mission of the center is to assess and forecast health workforce supply and demand; address barriers to recruitment and retention; support strategies developed at the local level that prevent shortages; and engage in activities that promote and assure a viable, diverse health workforce in Iowa. The center’s initial emphasis on nursing and nursing assistive personnel has been expanded to other health workers in 2004.
Colleagues in Caring: Moving Forward
4/20/2004 by Colleagues in Caring/AACN
-This concept paper describes on-going goals and strategies of the Colleagues in Caring projects during the post-project period. After its 7-year grant period, staff of the various projects met to outline these goals. Many of the CIC projects evolved into State Nursing Centers which continue to provide needed support and initiatives related to nursing workforce issues.
Tennessee Center for Nursing
4/19/2004 by Ann P. Duncan
-The Tennessee Center for Nursing, Inc. (TCN), established in 1996 as a coalition of healthcare stakeholders under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Colleagues in Caring project, was incorporated as a 501[c]3 in March 2000. In September 2001, the Tennessee Board of Nursing voted to enter into a contract with the TCN to serve as the research arm of the board of nursing. Reports of numerous studies, including "Projection of the Supply of and Demand for Nurses in Tennessee, 2000 Through 2020 and Analyses of Current Nurse Staffing in Tennessee" can be found at the TCN website.
Moments in Nursing: Leaders Who Changed the Path of a Profession
4/1/2004 by Beth P. Houser, RN, MS, FNP-C and Kathy N. Player, RN, EdD
-Designed to inspire nursing professionals worldwide to step into leadership roles, this book traces the paths of 12 legendary yet contemporary nurse leaders through the pivotal times in their lives that helped transform them into leaders, and thereby change the face of nursing. Through thought-provoking essays and follow-up questions, this book will challenge the old thinking that leaders are born with a path and a vision laid out for them. You will see how Loretta Ford, in response to a health care provider crisis, transformed the nursing profession and initiated a paradigm shift that changed the delivery of health care; how Sue Donaldson helped define the discipline of nursing through the course of daily cafeteria conversations; and how Luther Christman confronted discrimination and changed legislation and minds everywhere. Each of the 12 essays reveals as much about the individuals as about the art of being a leader.
Using Partnerships in Developing a Diverse RN Workforce on the South Plains of Texas
3/8/2003 by Amos, E., Green, A., & McMurry, M.
-In an attempt to address the nursing shortage on the South Plains of West Texas, a unique partnership was formed between the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing and the South Plains WorkSource. The goal was to increase rural and minority community awareness of nursing as a profession and to enhance university efforts to recruit, retain, and graduate disadvantaged and rural students (DARS). The project used a simple model (Bessent, 1997) emphasizing strategic community awareness and partnerships to enhance these overall processes. This article describes major project strategies and evaluates their effectiveness in enhancing recruitment and retention of disadvantaged and rural students. First published in Texas Journal of Rural Health Vo. 21, No. 3, December 2003, 27-38. For archives and access to full text, visit http://www.tjrh.homestead.com/files/Website/front.htm
Nebraska Center for Nursing
3/1/2004 by
-The Nebraska Center for Nursing was created by the Nebraska legislature in 2000 to develop and implement a strategic plan to reduce the nursing shortage in Nebraska. The sixteen-member Center for Nursing board is appointed by the Governor. The Nursing area in the Credentialing Division of the Department of Health and Human Services Regulation and Licensure provides administrative support for the Center.
Michigan Center for Nursing
3/1/2004 by
-Established in part by the RWJ Colleagues in Caring initiative, the Michigan Center for Nursing fosters strategic alliances, conducts research and maintains data and builds consensus around issues related to the nursing workforce for the benefit of the people of Michigan.
Illinois Coalition for Nursing Resources
3/1/2004 by
-The ICNR is a unique federation of individuals and organizations working together to achieve a shared mission and vision — to ensure Illinois has the nursing resources it needs. ICNR grew out of a 1999 Illinois Hospital Association task force composed of leaders from nursing service and education, and human resources departments. In February of 2000, IHA facilitated the formation and development of a group of organizations, a federation, to address the issues causing the shortage of nursing personnel in Illinois hospitals. The federation of organizations was set up with two main objectives: 1. To efficiently, effectively and positively affect the growing gap between the supply of and demand for nurses. 2. To address the long-term nursing resources and care needs of the people of Illinois. The Task Force invited over seventy representatives from state and national nursing organizations to form a permanent coalition to address nursing resource needs on an ongoing basis.
Florida Center for Nursing
3/1/2004 by
-The Florida Legislature established the Florida Center for Nursing to address issues of supply and demand for nursing, including issues of recruitment, retention, and utilization of nurse workforce resources. The Legislature believes that the Center will repay the state's investment by providing an ongoing strategy for the allocation of the state's resources directed towards nursing.
North Carolina Center for Nursing
2/19/2004 by
-The North Carolina Center for Nursing, was the first state-supported center to focus specifically on issues in nursing workforce. Established by state law in 1991, The Center promotes nursing in NC through strategic initiatives and enhancement of the profession in collaboration with leaders across the state and country. The Center's website provides information about initiatives targeting youth and nurses, focusing on positive aspects of the profession, recruitment and retention.
Health care system should consider building on nursing values
1/6/2004 by Edward O'Neil, UCSF Center for the Health Professions
-This essay suggests the basic values of the nursing profession constitute a solid foundation for reform in the overall health care system.
Nursing leaders analyze themes of major reports about workforce crisis
8/1/2003 by
-From AJN - Prominent nursing leaders examined themes emerging from the vast body of professional literature about the nursing workforce crisis. Several prominent nursing leaders examined numerous major reports relating to the workforce crisis in nursing*. Of these, fifteen reports met a set of...
Understanding California's Nursing Crisis
3/1/2001 by California HealthCare Foundation
-Understanding California's Nursing Crisis synthesizes findings from three studies about the nursing crisis and discusses necessary changes in nursing practice, education, recruitment, and retention. Issues such as diversity, age distribution, and staffing ratios are highlighted.