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North Carolina Institute of Medicine
6/25/2004 by
-The North Carolina Institute of Medicine is an independent, non-profit organization that serves as a non-political source of health policy analysis and advice in North Carolina. The NC General Assembly chartered the NC IOM in 1983 to provide balanced, nonpartisan information on complex and often controversial health issues in our state. Numerous health care workforce reports, including a 2004 report on preventing a nursing workforce crisis, are available.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
6/1/2004 by
-The AHRQ, an agency of the U.S. DHHS, is a research unit that conducts numerous studies and compiles data on topics associated with health system quality and safety. The website provides news, publications and data sets of interest to professionals interested in health system improvement.
Data and surveys from AHRQ
6/1/2004 by
-Data and surveys from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Technical data and instructions for obtaining data from official studies. Also, good lists of publications associated with each of the major data sets.
ANA's Safety & Quality Initiative - Nursing-Sensitive Indicators for Acute Care Settings
5/25/2004 by American Nurses Association
-In 1998, ANA funded the development of the National Center for Nursing Quality and a national database to house nursing-sensitive quality indicators. The database is housed at the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute (KUMCRI) and of the University of Kansas School of Nursing (KUMCRI). The goals of the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) are to promote and facilitate the standardization of information submitted by hospitals across the United States on nursing quality and patient outcomes. Data on nursing-sensitive indicators are collected and stored in NDNQI. To date, more than 235 hospitals from across the United States are participating in data collection on adult medical- surgical, and critical care populations. Data are reported to the database on a quarterly basis and quarterly feedback reports are provided to the hospitals.
The Shortage of Care: How to solve the nursing shortage by treating the disease...
5/25/2004 by SEIU Nurse Alliance
-The SEIU Nurse Alliance issued a report based on data from its January 2001 study and other national studies of nurse staffing in hospitals. The Shortage of Care, describes relationships between nurse staffing and medical errors, and includes recommendations for nurse staffing. The link below opens a PDF, Executive Summary for the report, available from SEIU, www.nursealliance.org.
Condition of nursing and nursing education in Virginia
5/10/2004 by State Council for Higher Education in Virginia
-This report provides background information, including an overview of Virginia’s nursing education infrastructure and data from prior studies on the condition of nursing in the Commonwealth; examines RN supply and demand trends; and introduces broad recommendations for increasing the number of nurses educated in the Commonwealth. The report resulted from a legislative mandate (HB2818).
Iowa Center for Workforce Planning
4/22/2004 by Iowa Bureau of Health Care Access
-The Center produces numerous reports about the health care workforce in Iowa. Funded by a HRSA grant, research conducted in the past two years has addressed nursing faculty, economic impact of health employment, and supply and demand for nurses.
Nursing Schools in the U.S. by degree level and accreditation
4/22/2004 by Sigma Theta Tau, Nursing Honor Society
-This list of links to accrediting organizations is an easy way to locate nursing programs around the U.S. based on degree level and accreditation affiliation.
Nursing Workforce Digest
4/16/2004 by New Hampshire AHEC
-The Nursing Workforce Digest provides a broad compilation of nursing workforce-related information sources in a searchable format based on categories of interest. The Digest attempts to sort through and compile the most relevant information, not just academic sources, to provide an efficient means for decision-makers to stay current in nursing workforce issues.
State Nursing Boards across the U.S.
4/21/2004 by National Council of State Boards of Nursing
-The National Council of State Boards of Nursing provides a list of contact information and direct web links for the 50 states, District of Columbia and U.S. territories. More information about the NCSBN and its work is available at www.ncsbn.org.
Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) across the U.S.
4/21/2004 by National AHEC Organization
-The National AHEC Organization (NAO) provides a list of all Area Health Education Centers and Health Education Training Centers (HETC) in the U.S. This list is searchable by state and by program. More information about NAO is available at www.nationalahec.org.
Health Professions Network
4/6/2004 by staff
-The Health Professions Network (HPN) provides a forum for collaboration among allied health professions on issues of common interest. The Health Professions Network affirms that effective collaboration among health professions is based on the values of commitment, cooperation, integrity, accountability and diversity-respect. The structure of the HPN is unique - a loose collaboration of individuals and organizations supporting the mission and objectives, coordinated by volunteer leaders to facilitate the group's functions.
Health spending cut sharply as 10 states deal with budget crises
4/1/2004 by John Holahan, Teresa A. Coughlin, Randall R. Bovbjerg, Ian Hill, Barbara A. Ormond, Stephen Zuckerman
-The Urban Institute has issued its second study of state government responses to budget crises that many states are facing. This report tracks the budgetary decisions made in ten selected states. To a surprising level, health care spending was used as a major mechanism for reducing state expenditures.
Nursing Shortage Resource
3/22/2004 by American Association of Colleges of Nursing
-This special section of the AACN website provides updated information specifically about nursing workforce shortage. Here, users can find data, essays, fact sheets and coverage of studies and important policy decisions concerning the nursing shortage.
Links to rural health information from the Texas Journal of Rural Health
3/8/2004 by Texas Journal of Rural Health
-A good list of professional associations, publications, policy centers, funding organizations and other resources related to health care in rural areas. Links are provided.
Ohio Hospital Association Workforce Forum
3/5/2004 by
-The Ohio Hospital Association Workforce Forum includes a variety of important resources including a section on best practices for workforce recruitment and retention, a "tool kit" for recruiting future health care workers, and pertinent data about Ohio's health care workforce.
The California Healthline
1/29/2004 by California HealthCare Foundation
-The California Healthline is a daily news digest of health-related news stories and events in California and concerning California. Registered users receive automatic updates of news. An archive of covered stories is available.
Wharton Leadership & Change Resources
2/27/2004 by Center for Leadership & Change Management
-The Center for Leadership and Change Management, a program of The Wharton School, provides links to research, professional leadership programs, training opportunities, websites, and many other helpful resources related to leadership and change management. This is a good resource for nursing professionals and health care administrators developing projects in these areas.
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
2/18/2004 by
-The Kaiser Family Foundation produces numerous studies each year related to health and health care policy in the U.S., in addition to special focus areas on Africa and the AIDS crisis worldwide. Students and researchers interested in learning more about the U.S. health care system and about health conditions that have a direct affect on care delivery will find timely information on the KFF website.
Centers for Disease Control Health Surveillance Resources
1/5/2004 by CDC
-The national health surveillance data contains information about health risks and health-related statistics for communities across the country.
Consolidated Federal Grants Information
12/11/2003 by
-Grants.gov is a simple, “storefront” for all customers of Federal grants to electronically find, apply for, and manage grants. Grants.gov encompasses over 900 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies. It streamlines the process of awarding over $350 billion annually to state and local governments, academia, not-for-profits and other organizations. Grants.gov is one of the 24 Federal cross-agency E-Government initiatives focused on improving access to services via the Internet. The vision for Grants.gov is to produce a simple, unified source to electronically find, apply for, and manage grant opportunities.
Regional Centers for Health Workforce Studies, National Center for Health Workforce Analysis
9/4/2003 by
-These five centers, funded by HRSA, study critical aspects of the US health care workforce. Each center works with State agencies and other organizations to conduct research, including state and regional studies, and to develop analytic tools to help states resolve pressing issues in health professions training, recruitment and retention, and addressing shortages.
CDC American's Use of Ambulatory and Emergency Care
8/12/2003 by Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
-The Centers for Disease Control released ambulatory and emergency visit data for 2000-01. These data can be helpful in determining major health conditions, tracking trends, and in matching staffing to patient usage patterns.
Nurse staffing ratios legislation in 50 states (map)
8/8/2003 by American Nurses Association State Government Relations
-This map shows the current status of nurse staffing ratios across the states. For more information about this map, visit the ANA State Government Relations website at http://www.nursingworld.org/gova/state.htm.
All Nursing Schools.com
8/6/2003 by www.allnursingschools.com
-This site provides a comprehensive listing of nursing education programs in the U.S. and its territories, and Canada, as well as online and armed forces programs. Users can perform a customized search, and may view contact information and accreditation for each program. The site also lists CEU providers and provides general information about nursing education and career entry.
State Labor Market Information Centers - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
8/1/2003 by
-Access to LMI Centers for all states - The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics designates a lead organization in each state and territory to collect and report labor market (workforce) information for states and counties. This information is useful for educational and workforce planning.
State Data Centers - U.S. Bureau of Census
8/1/2003 by
-Access to all the data centers - The U.S. Bureau of Census designates a lead organization in each state and territory to collect and report population and economic data that can be useful in informing program or policy changes.